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Lighting is an important aspect of modern living. Whether you're working, relaxing or entertaining, it's important that the lighting is just right for the occasion.  We will do our utmost to satisfy your exact lighting requirements in terms of style, functionality, mood, safety and security.


Mains Voltage Downlights

Mains Voltage Downlights use GU10 lamps to eliminate the use of transformers. This reduces the installation time and cost as well as providing an alternative lighting source where transformers cannot be installed.


Extra Low Voltage Downlights

Extra Low Voltage Downlights give a wonderful warm light for use in almost any situation. Extra Low Voltage lighting provides efficency and extended lamp life, outputing far more light than incandescent and mains voltage lamps. They come in a variety of styles and finished to suit any taste.


LED Downlights

LED Downlights can be used to provide general lighting or decorative effects. Using coloured LEDs can change the mood of a room and they can be placed almost anywhere.

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